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My Tech Solution Center

Reasonable Priced Services For Office & Home Business

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Website Development


We offer a complete array of website development services that range from basics like domain registration all the way to complete website overhauls.   We can build you an online e-commerce store from the ground up or even a site to display your vacation pictures and movies for your friends and family to watch!    With websites the sky is the limit and we can fine tune to fit your needs exactly.

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Office Networking


My Tech Solution Center can wire up and configure your home or business with secure and stable cutting edge network connectivity.    We can help you setup your file shares as well as a complete domain for more controlled work environments.    From running the wires to the Router and Firewall configuration -- We have all bases covered for you!

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VOIP Phone Systems


Your office is not complete without a phone system that matches your needs.    We have phone systems available that will work for home offices as well as systems for corporate environments.   We can tailor your phone system to your needs so you don't end up missing needed features or overwhelmed with bells and whistles you will never use!

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Technical Support


My Tech Solution Center's Technical support is top-notch.   Tech support is our hobby and our passion.  We have over 25 years of experience in multiple fields of IT including but not limited to Helpdesk & Desktop Support, Network & Server Administration, Small/Home office setup as well as Corporate IT infrastructure deployment and configuration.  

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Virus Removal

Are you inundated with pop-up's, ad's, and error messages?  Chances are you have run into some kind of malicious program.   Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojan's, and Keylogging exploits are everywhere in today's Web.   We can help you identify the threat(s) and clean your system from top to bottom.  We also specialize in pro-active virus protection and can recommend several anti-virus solutions.

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OS Upgades


We can install and upgrade operating systems of many flavors including but not limited to Windows, MacOS and Linux.   We can do everything from tablet and phone OS installs to Multi-Server Domain controlled corporate environments.   If your OS is acting up we can iron the bugs out and get it running smoothly again!

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Build & Repair PC''s

Computers are our passion.   We can build, configure, and repair computers in our sleep!   We can build new or upgrade an old PC to fit your needs exactly.   Whether you want a no-frills workstation or a high-end 4k gaming rig we have the vendors on speed-dial and parts sourced for the right price!   We build domain servers, media centers, backup systems, file servers, as well as can help you expand your presence to the cloud!

Software & Hardware


The staff at My Tech Solution Center has over 30 years of experience troubleshooting both software and hardware error messages and problems.   We can diagnose and troubleshoot your PC to determine whether or not you are having a software glitch or if faulty hardware is present.   

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Social Media Management


You can't get by these days without a strong social media following.

Let My Tech Solution Center expand and completely update your social media presence.   We can help your office or home business come to the fore-front of popular sites like Facebook and Instagram.

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